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Airstream AS200 Bags

Airstream AS200 Bags

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Airstream Vacuum spare bags

HEPA replacement bags for the Airstream vacuum. This filter is effective in capturing dust, microscopic particles, pollen, and other allergens in the air. It filters 99.97% of particles.

Always operate the vacuum with a vacuum bag installed. Bags should be changed when they are 2/3 full.

NOTE : Always use genuine bags, as the use of other products may result in poor cleaning or filtration performance. Filtration products are designed for maximum performance.


  • Includes 3 replacement Airstream bags per package
  • HEPA Filter bags are an important component of the vacuum cleaner’s filtration system.
  • For maximum efficiency, Bags should be changed when they are 2/3 full.


  • Helps prevent allergies.
  • Relieves asthma symptoms.
  • Easy to install.
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