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Pet Brush With Hair Release

Pet Brush With Hair Release

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Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved and healthier! The vacuum pet brush attachment that lets you easily groom your pet and vacuum up unwanted hair at the same time.

Simply connect the pet brush attachment to the hose of any vacuum cleaner and you are ready to remove all the unwanted hair from your pet, upholstery, carpets or any surface. By brushing your pets coat with the vacuum pet brush attachment, you will remove loose pet hair from the coat before it sheds around your home; the brush separates, lifts and removes deeper hair and dirt from your pets coat leaving a fresh groomed look and giving the skin a chance to breathe. It also removes your pets dead skin cell improving coat condition. Shed fur is removed and deposited directly into the vacuum cleaners bag/can while grooming. Our unique release mechanism allows for easy discharge of trapped fur without having to struggle and manually clearing grooming tool for continuing use.

Routine grooming will keep your pet's coat clean and healthy, removing unwanted matting and debris and distributing natural oils throughout the pets coat. It is very effective for pet owners who suffer from allergies; it allows you to vacuum away unwanted hair and allergens while grooming too!

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