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Riccar Gem Hand Vac

Riccar Gem Hand Vac

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The Gem can be used alone or with attachments. Add the flexible hose and tools for cleaning hard -to-reach aras such as keyboards, printers, vehicles, electronic equipment, and much more. Perfect for crafts and handy at the workbench, the Gem is an invaluable accessory vacuum. The Gem includes an upholstery brush; crevice tool with detachable brush; dusting brush; and flexible hose. All brushes have nylon bristles. 

A Compact Vac for Manageable Messes.

 The Gem is a handy little vacuum for when you have little messes to clean up.

Versatility and Reach.

 A long, flexible hose helps you get into very smalll spaces without having to awkwardly maneuver the vacuum.

A Tool for Every Need.

 The Gem comes with a set of tools designed to tackle all kinds of jobs. You will get a hose, upholstery tool, dustinbg brush, crevice tool, and brush attachment for the crevice tool.

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