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SEBO SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight Upright Vacuum

SEBO SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight Upright Vacuum

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The new SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight upright vacuum offers a powerful deep clean to carpets and hard floors with its unique impeller technology, and comes with a complimentary 3-Year warranty!

As the SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight upright vacuum was designed with an efficient impeller technology, it makes it primarily a mechanical vacuum with electrical components found only in the power head. There are no electrical components in the bag housing or handle, minimizing electrical connectors and further improving reliability. This also means that the on/off switch is located on the power head and can easily be activated by the user’s foot.

The filter bag housing is made from a soft textile material that opens with a two-way zipper. This durable material is shockproof, lightweight, and won’t damage walls or furniture. The impeller pulls the dirt in that is picked up by the rotating brush, and transports it through the air channel into the removable filter bag. A simple and effective system, the SOFTCASE CE12 generates an astonishing airflow of 27 litres per second despite the relatively low power rating of 400 watts!

All SOFTCASE CE12 Lightweight upright vacuum cleaners come equipped with a single filter bag. 10-15 mins of assembly is required for this vacuum.

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